Veteran Opportunities

Occasionally, VFP Chapter 72 is invited to take part in events and studies to further expand veterans’ rights. Please check back often to see what is in the works!


The Portland VA and OHSU are looking for veterans to participate in a firearm injury study.

Early VA data last year showed a surprisingly large number of Veterans receiving treatment for unintentional firearm injuries. This study seeks to better understand how these unintentional firearm injuries occur, the impact these injuries have had on Veterans’ lives, and what Veterans think the VA health care system can and should do to help prevent them. This study is part of a larger research program funded by the VA Office of Rural Health – for this one, VA has partnered with our colleagues at Oregon Health & Science University, Drs. Erika Cottrell and Vivian Christensen, to conduct in-depth interviews with Veterans so their voices are elevated in discussions about firearm injuries and responsible firearm ownership.

The study is seeking 30-40 Veterans nationally who are willing to share their stories.

To get involved, please see the attached documents, or contact project staff via email ( or phone (503-418-0898).