VFP Statements

VFP National Statement on Hamas-Israel

Below are excerpts from the Veterans For Peace Hamas-Israel Statement. Find the full statement here.

We oppose all targeting of civilians. We denounce Hamas’ attacks on Israeli civilians and deplore Israel’s crushing response in Gaza. We also recognize this war did not start last week, it has gone on for decades. Over $150 billion of our tax dollars have provided Israel unlimited weaponry and diplomatic cover has allowed it to expand its occupation such that 16 years ago former President Jimmy Carter clearly labeled it apartheid. …

We lift up the words of our brother and sister military veterans, both Palestinian and Israeli members of Combatants for Peace:

“Our hearts are with all of the victims and their families, and we hope for the safe return of those held captive, and for the safety of the civilians trapped inside Gaza… Together, we must retain our humanity, and value all life as sacred and cherished… The only solution is ending the occupation, uniting Israelis and Palestinians and focusing our collective efforts on achieving peace.”